Future-focused work

Nick is co-Director of this organisation working to help learners of all ages be future ready. Helping them prepare includes missions for sharing a future-readiness framework, building community of experts and delivering workshops and books to lead and inspire change.

Supporting Behaviour 360

Nick is Co-founder of this effort using Exponential Technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality) for Innovative and Immersive Behavioural Support.

Nick is an Education Mentor for this project which focuses on AI only and don’t support general start-ups. We expect that upon completing our incubation program, a start-up will have at least an MVP, stable team, and established basic company functions.
Nick is Australian Partner for PocketConfidant – the first confidant technology to make personal growth, reflection, learning and change, available to everyone, anywhere and at any time. PocketConfidant asks the right questions at the right time, maintaining neutrality and objectivity by not offering advice or providing recommendations. PocketConfidant is built on research from the fields of Positive Psychology, Narrative Psychology, Neuroscience, Learning and Linguistics.