Present Focused Work

Director of Co-Creativity and Design at Next Level Greatness

‘Committed to providing Professional Learning Experiences that are co-created, practical, fun and engaging and that have a sustainable learning impact and measurable behaviour change back in the workplace.’

Director of Team-Teach
Behaviour Support Training

To support organisations in their commitment to reducing and eliminating restrictive practices, Team-Teach Asia Pacific provides training in line with Government and organisation specific Student Behaviour procedures. This expressly aligns with the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child, which states that the welfare of the child shall be the paramount consideration.

My Circus My Monkeys

My Circus My Monkeys helps people find meaning, and (consequently) clarity and focus in a critical stage of their lives, as they enter – or contemplate – the ‘post-retirement’, or ‘protirement’ journey.

It’s Personal!

A reasonably well known idiom, of Polish descent, the phrase ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys’ basically means ‘not my problem!’ My Circus My Monkeys reverses this perspective, and picks up several key themes we think are important for our target market.

  • We trade the illusion of control for the reality of influence
  • We make choices – not always easy ones but we do have choices
  • We take things seriously but hold them lightly – the affirmation and joy and that comes from resolving serious topics like illness, death, relationships, money etc.

It’s Social!

While the ‘beyond retirement’ journey is unique to the individual, and our research has shown a strong tendency to look inwards, it also inspires and motivates our human need for affiliation and validation, to have the sense of journeying together with others. My Circus My Monkeys provides opportunities for self reflection as a platform for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and generating affirmative, productive action.

Edtech BNE

EdTech BNE is a community of educators and innovators supported by Nick that meets regularly to discuss, share and collaborate around EdTech with the goal of creating more effective EdTech for classrooms. EdTech BNE’s EdTech ongoing speaker series connects, engages and inspires innovative educators from across the state as we work to bring our classrooms into the 21st century.